Live to far away to come to our facility? Let Us come to YOU!!

Don’t live close enough to have your dog trained by us? Let US come to YOU!!!


We offer special 4-day intensive learning program where we come to you anywhere across the United States!


How does it work?

Either Kristi, Otto or BOTH of us will come to your home, and work with you and your dog exclusively for 4 days straight.


We pick up your dog in the morning and return every evening to do a lesson with you. Based on the dogs progress with us throughout the day, and the owners handler skill level, the dog either stays with us for the evening or is returned back to the owner for the evening and we then again pick up the dog first thing in the morning to do another intensive day of training. We do this for 4 days.


What is the cost?

We charge $1,100 per day. Payment in full is required to book us for this service.


What if me or my dog is having difficulties learning and we need longer than 4 days?

We typically are able to resolve and drastically improve many behavioral and training issues in 4 full intensive days. If the rare occurrence where either you or your dog is struggling to succeed we can choose to add a day or two based upon our progress.


What if my dog and I do well and don’t need 4 days?

If your dog and you are quick learners, we can end the training early. This is rare however it does happen on occasion! No refunds are given in the event that the days are completed early, as when you sign up for this service you are booking us for 4 days!


What is your availability for this service?

We have very limited and exclusive availability for this service. Please call our office manager at (262) 719-5023 to discuss this training option!

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Canine Behavioral Health & Training