We now offer boarding! 

We have always offered boarding to our clients. At our new location in Oconomowoc, we now have the space and and staff to offer boarding to everyone!

What makes us different than any other boarding facility? YOUR DOG GETS DAILY WORK AND INTERACTION!!!! We don't like dogs sitting around in kennel runs, getting bored, missing their owners. We like the dogs to be active throughout the day, working on dog and people social skills and basic manners, and getting some good play time in, with dogs specifically selected for them in small groups of 3-10. 

We are unlike other facilities. We do not nickel and dime you for every little "extra" that we offer. Kongs with peanut butter or yogurt, play time, walks, socialization, snack and treat time, giving medication, mental stimulation games, updates, etc. It's ALL included here!  We charge per calendar day. Our rate is $65/ calendar day.  

Our Competitors                                                 You And Your Dog 

Daily Rate= $35                                                   Daily Rate= $65    

Treat/Snack= $5                                                  Treat/Snack= included 

15 Minutes Play Time= $10                              Multiple 30 minutes play sessions= included

15 Minute Walk= $15                                         Pack AND Individual walks= included

Medication= $10                                                 Any Medication/Shots/Ear or Eye cleaning= included

                                                                                BASIC TRAINING= INCLUDED!!!

DAILY TOTAL= $75                                              Flexible pick up and drop off 7 days per week= included

                                                                                Updates (time permitting)= included


                                                                                 DAILY TOTAL= $65                                                   

What do you need to know for boarding?


Your dog needs to be current on the following vaccinations for boarding: DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella. You can either e-mail the vaccinations to us at YouAndYourDogLLC@gmail.com or bring in a copy when you drop your pup off. 

What should I bring? 

Please read our packing list

Do you offer discounts for multiple dogs?

No we do not. We offer a premium service for our dogs during their stay here. Our business model has been and will ALWAYS be quality over quantity. We want every dog to get quality attention and mental and physical stimulation daily. If there is 60 dogs here for boarding, then your dog is NOT getting the attention they deserve. We keep our boarding numbers small, and the quality of their day high. 

What happens if I want my dog to come and board and not participate in any of the activities do you offer this option at a lower rate? 

Dogs sitting in a kennel and doing nothing does not follow our theory of providing fulfillment for your dog. We do not offer a lower rate for your dog to come here and just purely be kenneled, let out, and fed. It's not how we believe dogs should be cared for. 

Pick up and drop off times.

All of our drop offs and picks ups are done by appointment. During the week we offer a very flexible schedule for pick up and drop offs. We also have drop off and pick up hours on Saturday and Sunday during designated times. If you need to drop off or pick up outside of our normal business hours, please let our office manager know. Normal business hours Monday through Friday: 7:30am to 8:00pm. Saturday and Sunday: 8:30am to 9:30am then again from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. We ask that you please schedule a time for your drop off and pick up. We want to give your dogs the opportunity to potty, and get your belongs put together to make for an efficient pick up. 


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