Watch Us Work! 

Some examples of our work. Please see our Facebook page for additional pictures and videos! 

This pitbull mix came to us with leash reactivity issues, and wanting to pull badly on the leash. You can see her before video above, and after walking nicely with another dog, and behaving when other dogs go by and listening in a busy environment during kids recess. 

This guy came to us because he was being very aggressive towards his owner during feeding time. See his before and after video. 

This girl struggles with crate anxiety. Didn't want to go in, and once she was in would have a difficult time relaxing. See her before and after! 

There are many ways to like to build a relationship with the dogs. Biking is one of our favorite things to do with the dogs here. Here we have a group going on an evening bike ride before going to bed. 

The dogs have a very demanding training schedule while they are here. We also like to give them free time to unwind and have a lot of fun too! 

We help dogs overcome awkward social behavior by allowing them to play with other socially confident dogs. Here we have two dogs (one that has  history of being shy and reactive) learning how to be a dog and play properly with his new friend. 

This guy learned how to play Frisbee while he attended school! 

This dog's owner lives in a condo where she has to take up and down in an elevator. The dog was having terrible anxiety issues in the elevator, so we made sure to fix her elevator anxiety. 

Here is an example of one of our pack walks. Learning how to walk nice on a leash with other dogs. 

Two dogs getting to enjoy the freedom of being off leash and also have the reliability of recalling back when asked to come back!

This great dog lives on a lake and the owners were afraid that he might drown in the lake because he didn't know how to swim. We enrolled him in or swimming program and he went home and was able to go in the lake. Here he is at one of his swimming lessons. 

This big guy had never had the opportunity to meet other dogs during his life. His owners were to afraid that due to his size that if he acted poorly it would end bad for everyone. We developed a great social program for this dog, and we were able to introduce him to many dogs and he had many positive play sessions with his new friends. 

At the end of a long training day, some fun on the beach just being a dog is definitely called for! 

This sweet girl came to us because she had tripped her owner several times on walks, and would pull like crazy. Now she walks nice and her owner enjoys talking her for walks. It is no longer a chore to walk her dog. 

Here is an example of what one of our small group classes looks like! 

This owner enjoys a very active life, and wants to be able to take her dog everywhere with her and have him behave. Here he is walking past a restaurant at busy dinner time completely off leash and under control. 

It's hard to get dogs to listen when they are in the presence of their friends! We encourage good social play with other dogs here in a large group class, but we also implement structure. These guys are having blast playing together but we take breaks to work on sit stay and down stay. 

This is one our dogs in the beginning stages of being trained for personal protection work. We offer advanced degrees here and she came to us to be a personal protection dog for a young single women. 

After a long day and hard work training, we often enjoy a walk through the creek to cool down and relax. It's important to us that we keep the dogs comfortable and cool during the summer months. 

Will your dog have a birthday while they are away at college? Let us know, and we will throw them a birthday party! 

We frequently have puppy social days where to allow puppies to come and have a safe, monitored and structured social day. These training days are so important so they do not develop dog aggression issues as they grow up. 

This owner really enjoys taking her dog out for lunch, but previously she would have horrible begging habits, and she would be left at home. Now she knows how to behave and can go out to eat at dog friendly restaurants! 

This owner enjoys a very active lifestyle hiking, biking and running. He wanted to be able to take his dog out with him and have him off leash so he wouldn't have to worry about the leash tripping him up during their adventures. Here he is 100% off leash. 

Here we have a very young student 5 months of age learning to heel 100% off leash. 

Dogs that enroll in the Master's program get an opportunity to be trained to be 100% off leash. This is this awesome's girls first day off leash! 

Here is an example of one of our large group classes working indoors on "place." 

See what our dogs are up to at school today!

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