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Kristi is the owner of You and Your Dog, LLC. Kristi has been involved in showing and competing across the country in different dog sports since the age of 8. She grew up in a dog show family and has titled many dogs and breeds across a wide variety of disciplines.

Kristi is also the owner of several other dog training business. She is the found of GoGoGeese which is a business dedicated to the management and removal of geese on residential and commercial properties. She trains and certificates border collies to work in geese management. She is also is the owner of Secured K9 Searches which is a company dedicated to training scent detection dogs. These dogs are trained and certified narcotics detection dogs and bed bug detection dogs. Kristi is also the founder of Show Off My Dog, the International Dog Database.  She has also stared a locally run dog behavior training business Canine Composure, which allows owners to day, stay and train there dogs at a training facility. She has been a dog groomer for over 10 years and also developed a grooming apprentice program for a nationally recognized doggy daycare company. She has been involved in behavior modification training for over 15 years. Kristi also offers "train the trainer" apprentice programs. Dog trainers who are looking to advance their training techniques and learn about behavior modification can enroll in the apprentice behavior program at the University. Kristi is a Master Trainer, and also an active member in the International Association of Canine Professionals. Kristi is also the inventor of The Best Dog Leash and recently created Dog Story A Day App. 

Outside of work she enjoys competing in protection sports with her personal dogs. She also is active in AKC conformation, and for fun her dogs get to enjoy herding, weight pulling and nosework. She has earned more than 46 titles on dogs in many different dog sports including: herding, AKC obedience, IPO, conformation, dock diving, scent work, hunting, and agility. Kristi enjoys traveling internationally to watch friends and business associates compete internationally with their dogs in the WUSV and in Mondioring. It is her personal goal to have a dog on the top of the podium in an international arena! She also enjoys volunteering at nursing homes and hospital providing therapy services with her dogs. 

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