How do I sign up?
If you believe that your dog is ready to be a student, please fill out the admissions application. Not every dog is accepted into our training program, and after reviewing your admission application within 3 business days you will receive an e-mail regarding your status as an accepted student. We are always at 100% capacity every month, so we encourage you to sign up early. Most denials occur due to class being full. 
What will increase my chances at getting accepted? 
Priority is given to those who sign up first, and owners who we feel will follow through with the training.  
What happens if I get a denial letter?
If you get a denial letter you have NOT been accepted into the training program. Most denial letters are given due to class being full. You are welcome to submit a new application.  
What happens after I receive my acceptance letter? 
After you receive your acceptance letter you have 3 business days to accept enrollment into the program. 50% or your tuition will be due within 3 business days of receiving your acceptance letter. The remaining 50% will be due the day your dog comes for dog coming for board and train. 
Which program should I sign my dog up for? 
Please read over our training programs to see the training program that is appropriate for you and your dog. If we feel that you have selected the wrong program we will notify you. 
How old does my dog need to be to attend?
Dogs must be 4 months of age to attend board and train, Puppy Pre-school the dogs must be 10 weeks to 4 months old and private lessons can start as young as 10 weeks. 
What is a typical day like for my dog?
Your dogs are worked 7 days a week from 6:30am until 9:00pm every day while they attend school. We allow all of the dogs to have a rest day on Sunday afternoon. They are only worked a half day on Sunday. Your dogs will enjoy individual walks, pack walks, group classes, individual classes, outings to Petco, Petsmart, Home Depot and other dog friendly retailers. Your dog will go on hikes, and weather permitting also get the chance to go swimming. All dogs are introduced to treadmill training and weather permitting biking. We work in all types of environments so your dogs learns that they have to listen in ALL environments. We work on behaviors that are on your behavior wish list everyday! See our student life page, to see what a typical day is like for your dog! 
Will I get updates on my dog?
Yes you will get text updates with pictures and videos of your dog during their stay. We realize that it is difficult to leave your dog for this time period and we want you to know that your dog is happy, progressing in their training, and we want to keep in contact with you during their stay with us. 
My dog has extreme crate anxiety and will break out of any crate, can he still come?
Dogs that have extreme crate anxiety and will hurt themselves to try and get out will be required to sign a wavier to attend, and also must purchase a special crate for their stay or sign a damages form, stating that whatever equipment your dog breaks during their stay you will be required to pay for. 
Do you take all breeds?
Yes we accept all breeds! 
Are there any dogs that you do NOT accept into the program?
Dogs that are able to escape a 6 foot fencing will not be allowed to attend. Also dogs with severe medical issues will also be unable to attend unless they have a veterinarian letter allowing them to attend.  
What happens if something happens to my dog during their stay? 
Your dog will NOT be in a plastic bubble during their stay here. They will be out in nature, running through long grass, going out on field trips, playing with other dogs (those who are appropriate), going on pack hikes, etc. It is common for your dog to have normal wear and tear similar to kids attending summer camp. You will be notified immediately if your dog has any cuts, scrapes or needs medical attention.  
How do I pay my tuition?
You will have 3 business days after receiving your acceptance letter to pay 33% of your tuition. This payment secures your dog's spot in school. You will receive an invoice via e-mail from Square reader. If you do not pay 33% of your tuition within 3 business days, your spot will be given to the next student. The next payment  33% is due the day your dog is dropped off, and the last payment is due the day your dog goes home. You have the option to pay in full upon signing up. 
Do you offer payment plans?
YES! We accept Paypal as a form of payment. Paypal allows users to create payment plans through their accounts. If you would like to set up a payment plan, pay for your dog's schooling through Paypal.  We accept: Paypal, credit card (with a processing fee), check and cash. 
What do I need to pack for my dog to attend training?
When you are accepted into You and Your Dog,  read our packing list to see what you will need to bring for your dog. 
Does my dog need to be vaccinated to attend college?
YES! We are VERY strict about making sure all dogs are up to date on their vaccinations. It is incredibly important to us that we maintain a clean and parasite free campus. We do accept tighters.  
My dog has allergies can he still attend? 
If your dog has food allergies we can accommodate most food allergy issues. Please make sure that we are aware of any allergies that your dog may have on your admissions application.  
My dog needs medication for his stay, will you still take him?
We are able to accommodate most medicine that needs to be administered. Please make sure we are aware of when and how your dogs medication needs to be administered. 
My dog is on a raw diet, will you still take him?
We prefer that your dog is on a kibble diet for their stay. If your dog must absolutely be on a raw diet, please notify us on your application. 
Can my dog get kicked out or expelled from training?
If your dog creates an unsafe environment for the staff or other dogs, we will contact you regarding your dogs stay. To date we have not had to expel anyone, but we do reserve the right to cancel training at any time if your dog becomes dangerous to handle. 
What happens when my dog is returned to me from board and train?
On the return date you will get a specific time and date that you will pick up your dog from school. We will then have another go home lesson so we can teach YOU how to handle your new dog after attending school! 
What happens if I still have questions after my dog comes home from board and train?
We offer a free month of text support after your dog is returned home! Having some additional questions after returning home? Text us and we will continue to support you! 
Is there any continued education after my dog comes home from board and train?
YES! We offer our daily balance program as a maintenance to keep up with the training.  
I still have more questions, can I e-mail you?
Please apply first! If we think your pup is a good fit for our training school, when can then follow up with you! 


Are you affiliated with Canine Composure?

You and Your Dog was previously known as Canine Composure. The name was changed recently because we wanted to add emphasis to the owners involvement in the training process. Training your dog isn't about us training your dog, it's about the relationship that You and Your Dog have! We are still the same business, offering the same services, at the same location, and under the same ownership. 

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