​ACADEMICS- Our Training Programs  


Let your dog come and work with us and be active while you go on vacation or business or family trips! 

$65/calendar day

Board and Train

Board and Train is meant for those owners who wish to send their dog off to training school to address specific behavioral issues. This is an intensive immersion program where the dogs get tons of one on one attention being worked several sessions throughout the day. We are able to correct unwanted behaviors or we can teach your dog new behaviors such as running on a treadmill or running next to a bike or even going paddle boarding! 

Starting at $2,600- $5,600+

Daily Balance

Our daily balance is perfect for those dogs and owners who are looking for something a little more structured than doggy daycare. This is also a great program for dogs who need brushing up on their basic obedience skills, and need practice listening around other dogs and out in public. 


Private Lessons

Private Lessons is perfect for those dogs who are experiencing some difficult behaviors in the house. This is also a great option for owners who really want to be hands on during the training process. Our in home private lessons are comprised of 3 lessons. Our first lesson is 1-2 hours long followed by two more 1 hour follow up lessons. 

$500- $650

Puppy Pre-School

We host a puppy pre-school seminar once every month. This seminar is set up to get owners ready for raising their puppy to create a balanced and happy life for them and to understand how to build a life long lasting relationship with your puppy. This is for puppies 10 weeks to 4 months of age. If is a two hour long seminar. 


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Advanced Training

Upland & Waterfowl Hunting

Shed Antler K-9's 

If you are interested in sending your dog to school for one of our advanced degrees, please click here and e-mail us. These training programs are intensive programs and we have many options available. Let us know what you are interested in and we will contact you to further discuss our advanced degree programs. 

Make sure you are ready to commit to training before you sign up. Our deposits are NOT refundable. 

See what our dogs are up to at school today!

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Canine Behavioral Health & Training